Mwatikho Torture Survivors Organization

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Based on our beliefs, MATESO’s mission is advocacy for; stamping out torture in totality, seeking reparation and economic emancipation of torture survivors and establishing a center for treatment and counseling of the torture survivors and the families of the victims in Kenya.


The immediate objectives of MATESO are threefold, namely:

  1. Improve the health status of torture survivors and other survivors of human rights, violation, especially from the aftermath of post-election violence, through provision of integral treatment and where necessary recommend referrals;
  2. Raise awareness of mental health issues and contribute to the prevention of torture in Kenya through research, documentation, advocacy, lobbying, public education and training for community and stakeholders such as the security personnel;
  3. Seek reparation for torture survivors by strengthening the litigation activities to ensure survivors get justice.


MATESO provides comprehensive Community Based Rehabilitation services inclusive of holistic care services (medical treatment, counseling and legal advice), with special focus on the following target groups: Primary and secondary victims of human rights violation.



Mwatikho Torture Survivors’ Organization (MATESO) was created in 1992; within Bungoma- Kenya.All its members are torture survivors. New torture clients are allowed to join membership. Due to increasing strategic activities, we have further drawn in professionals both in health field and within the staff.

MATESO is a registered Trust. The Centre is registered in Kenya under the Trustees (perpetual succession) Act Chapter 164.It is non-political and non-profit making.

The organization is dedicated to the promotion and protection of human rights, with emphasis on the health and rehabilitation of victims of torture by security agencies and armed groups.

MATESO was accredited by IRCT in 2007.


A world that is a torture free zone; with respect to human dignity.


  • Consistently offer services to our clientele (torture victims);
  • Uphold excellence in performance;
  • Encourage teamwork and positive contribution from our motivated and innovative staff/volunteers/health professionals;
  • Observe good civil governance at all times;
  • Embrace internationally accepted conventions on torture. 


  • To provide holistic treatment and rehabilitation services (physical, mental, legal and social) to the torture survivors;
  • To advocate against torture;
  • To create awareness among the perpetrators and the community at large about torture;
  • To generate information about the state of torture through research, monitoring, inspection visits to the detentions camps-prisons and documentation;
  • To provide socio- economic rehabilitation services to survivors of torture. 

Gratitude to IRCT and UNVFVT

The generous support from IRCT and UNVFVT has enabled MATESO to progress on with its activities successfully.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to IRCT, first and foremost for supporting our 26th June yearly torture campaigns.

We further take this opportunity to thank OAK/Rausing fund for their support from 2007, 2008 and 2009-12 In 2011 we got La LUZ grant to support sexually abused women in conflicts/torture. IRCT has continued to offer grants to MATESO. And in 2009, IRCT sponsored the exchange program and regional workshop in South Africa. It also gave us grant that kept our activities going though not adequate. UNVFVT started funding us in 2011, and we look forward that they increase their funding to us.

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