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Mr.N********* is a primary victim of torture and a resident of Mt.Elgon District, Kopsiro division, Kapkateny location, and Toywondet sub-location in Bungoma County. He is 37 years old living with his family of 11 people. Below he narrates how he was tortured by Moorland forces a group that terrorizes people in Mt.Elgon.

During 2007 referendum i was chosen by Electoral Commission in Kopsiro as a driver to ferry ballot papers to various stations. I was to give out ballot papers to 3 stations   ; Cheptonon, Kopsiro and Chebyuk.So on that fateful day, at around 11.00am on my way from Kopsiro to Chebyuk, I was attacked by people claiming that me and others who were in the vehicle have done propaganda; that the ballot papers were less which means we stole them so that their leader is not elected.

Those people (a group of 10) started beating us starting with my boss who was B** K*******, then they took me out of the vehicle and went almost 100 meters opposite where the A.P were manning security with the purpose that they want to kill me.One of them removed a knife but fortunately I gained courage and strength and pulled myself from their hands and ran towards the vehicle shouting and screaming for help. I told my other colleague drive the vehicle so that we could get out of that place.

Before leaving, I requested one of the A.P to help us get out of that place but he responded by telling them that people from Soy have guns something that shocked him. Afterwards the police accepted to take us but on the way they saw an erected roadblock. One of the A.p   alighted and shot in the nearby bush whereby some of the boys (calling themselves Moorland forces) ran out and went ahead of them. 

They moved on but this time with a lot of speed but unfortunately the driver slowed down on reaching a pot hole, that is when the same people emerged and started shooting anyhowly.They shot at the two policemen, one on the leg and the other on the stomach, while the owner of the vehicle was shot in the chest, and finally I was shot on the thigh whereby the bullet went through my private parts and I was seriously injured.

Just ahead of us were police from Ant stock unit which provided us with first Aid then they proceeded to Webuye district hospital. After two days I was transferred to Eldoret Referral Hospital where I was admitted for 2 months .After I was discharged, I stayed with my family in Eldoret town for another 1 month before they went home.

On reaching my home area ,things were not good as those people were still looking after me .I was forced to relocate to Narok with my family for 3 years .I only came back after the government deployed Kenya army in Mt. Elgon .


I was in good health before i was attacked and injured. I did farming and my family lacked nothing but nowadays I depend on others for survival.


I was affected physically, psychologically and sexually. Regarding physical consequences, the most recurring is headache, pain in all parts of the body, (legs, shoulders chest and ribs), Psychological consequences; depressed mood, anxiety, insomnia and low self-esteem. Sexual consequences; decrease in libido, fear of sexual contact/intimacy and sexual inhibition.


The client lives with a family of 11 people among them 4 children. After the attack, his family members strain to make ends meet. They live from hand to mouth.


The organization offered him treatment, counseling and psycho-social support for over 2 years.


During the first meeting, the client was informed of the purpose of assessment and the limits of confidentiality. The client was also informed that this assessment report will include personal information, the examiners report and treatment recommendations.

The client was encouraged to ask questions regarding the assessment and release of information         process prior to signing any consent forms.

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