Mwatikho Torture Survivors Organization




Mrs. G***** N***** W**** is a primary victim of torture and a resident of Ndengelwa village in Kanduyi division. She is 60 years old and living with a family of 7 people in a 2 acre piece of land.

It was on 29th April 2013 at around 12. Pm just in my house sleeping when I heard people shouting outside. In a short while like 20 seconds I heard a big knock on my door demanding that I open the door or face the consequences when they open it by themselves .I started trembling not knowing what to do as they continued banging the door. Unfortunately they opened the door and immediately entered our bedroom. As they started beating my husband I escaped through the window and ran towards banana plantation. Luck was not on my side as some of the attackers were outside and they saw me as I jumped through the window s they followed me and started beating and cutting my head with a panga.I felt unconscious only to wake up the following day admitted in Bungoma District hospital and later on referred to Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital (MTRH) Eldoret for CT scan.


I was of good health before I was attacked and tortured. I used to do my business and provided for my family .I didn’t depend on anyone.


I was affected psychologically and physically. Regarding psychological consequences; the most recurring is depressed mood, loss of memory i.e.  Cannot remember vividly what happened, insomnia and low self esteem .Physical consequences; the most recurring is headache and body pain (hands, shoulders and legs).


The client lives with the husband and grand children in a temporary house built in a 2 acre piece of land. Due to torture she now depends on her children and well wishers for survival.


The client was offered counseling and psychological support; we also assisted in paying her Hospital bill.


During the first meeting the client was informed of the purpose of the assessment and the limits of confidentiality .The client was also informed that this assessment report will include personal information, the examiners report and the treatment recommendations.

The client was encouraged to ask questions regarding the assessment and release of information process prior to signing consent forms.


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