By MAURICE ALAL @alalmaurice

Twenty five people, among them a child, are nursing gunshot wounds at hospitals after being shot by police.
Jeremy Adongo, 4, was shot in the back while at their house in Kasule, Manyatta estate, and six protesters with critical injuries underwent surgery on Tuesday to remove bullets lodged in their bodies.
The six, including Jeremy, a secondary school student Joseph Njoroge and a businesswoman Mary Akinyi are among the 53 people injured during the anti-IEBC protest on Monday in Kisumu that led to the death of one person.
The deceased, Ayub Kaukau who was a water vendor at the Kisumu bus park.
The four-year-old boy had the bullet removed successfully and is stable. Njoroge, a student at Highway Secondary school, was shot in the leg.
Kisumu City Residents Voice Association chairman Audi Ogada has, however, said some of the people with gunshot wounds were not part of protesters.
He said they were shot at in their houses or while carrying out their daily activities. The chaos also left Faith Florence, a student at Xaverian Secondary, traumatised.
Twenty one others are nursing serious injuries after they were clobbered by police. Two others sustained deep panga cuts, alleged to have been inflicted on them by a vigilante group working in collaboration with police.
Three prison officers, who sustained minor injuries were treated on Tuesday and discharged.
Ogada said those clobbered and with gunshot wounds were injured as police were dispersing the protesters. Twenty four victims are admitted in Kisumu County Hospital and others are recuperating in various public hospitals.
Two youths, Omondi Nyamor and Daniel Okello, are said to have been brutally beaten by police.
Some of those with gunshot wounds include: Dickson Afira who was shot in the abdomen, Calvince Ochieng’ (chest) as well as Steve Okumu and Ranington Ochieng’ with thigh injuries.
A doctor at the county hospital who declined to be named said more than seven people have gunshot wounds.
At the Jaramogi Odinga Odinga Teaching and Referral Hospital, Akinyi who was shot in the stomach also underwent surgery. She said she was watching television in her house near KMTC in Condole area when the incident happened.
The hospital’s superintendent Dr Juliana Otieno said they received 21 casualties on Monday.
In an interview, Otieno told the Star out of the 21, 10 had gunshot wounds and six were admitted. Eleven were clobbered, with two sustaining panga wounds.
The protest that started at 8.30am to 9pm turned violent forcing police to use water cannon, live bullets and teargas to disperse protesters.
It is alleged the more than 1,000 protesters carried the body of the deceased which was near Imperial Hotel and dumped it on the Odinga Odinga Street.
Cord leaders occasioned the demos demanding that IEBC commissioners resign before elections in August 2017.

A doctor attends to Steve Okumu, one of the victims who suffered a gunshot wound on Monday in Kisumu during the anti-IEBC protest / MAURICE ALAL