E***** N******

E***** N******
June 3, 2020

Torture History

On 20/01/2015 at around 02:30pm, a group of 8 heavily armed police officers raided a changaa drinking den, at Muyayi village of Ndengelwa sub-location, Bukembe location, Kanduyi sub-county of Bungoma South District.

The police tortured and arrested several people. In that circumstance, they tortured the victim E***** N******.The police beat her and dumped her in a sugar cane plantion, about 100 meters from her house.

Prior information from eyewitness stated that police chased her because she was the proprietor of the illicit business and they wanted money from her.

When they left, family members rushed her to Bungoma district hospital, treated and discharged. The victim died afterward at her home. Eye witness further spotted the police vehicle registration number GK**** G.

So, far the responsible police officers from Bungoma police station have recorded statements and for family members who witnessed have also recorded statements. Police OB/19/1*/**/2015.

Next of kin: Contact person

  1. E******** N***** W*******  07055****2
  2. M**** W****** W******      0735****79

Pre-Torture History

The deceased was of good health before she was   beaten by police officers.

Post-Torture History

No post-torture history as the victim succumbed to torture on the same day she was arrested.

Present Family Situation

The deceased lived with a family of 7 people, among them 5 minors at their home in Muyayi. She had separated with the husband long time ago and she depended on her father for survival.

Core services provided

The organization paid for her postmortem in Bungoma district Hospital and the results revealed that she died due to internal bleeding.

Informed consent

During the first meeting, the family was informed on the purpose of the assessment and the limits of confidentiality. They were informed that the assessment report will include personal information, postmortem report and treatment recommendations.

They were encouraged to ask questions regarding the assessment and release of information process prior to signing any consent forms.