June 3, 2020

Torture history

On 25th Feb 2015,(HMW)  the deceased was arrested by police officers from Namwacha AP Camp at around 6.00am while on his way to the market where he was taking his phone for charging because he had assaulted his brother over land dispute. He was locked up in the cell and later on the corporal made a call to one of his brothers informing them of the arrest and also requesting them plus the complainant to go to the station so that they can discuss over the matter to be solved.

The family members together with the complainant  went to the station and discussed and it was reached that the accused was to pay kshs 20,000 as compensation .He requested  to be released so that he can go back home to sell his portion of land but it was not possible. So he excused himself to go for short call and the police officers followed him and a short while they came back with him, but he looked weak and unconscious due to beatings by them.

As soon as they arrived with him, they tied his hands on the tree and went on with the beatings. Unfortunately; he died while crying to be given some water as his brothers were watching desperately.

Pre –Torture History

The deceased was of good health before he was arrested and tortured by police officers.

Post-Torture History

No post-torture history as the victim succumbed to torture on the same day he was arrested.

Present Family Situation

The deceased lived with a family of 6 people, four of whom are minors. They live in a temporary house located in a one acre piece of land.

Core-services provided

The organization paid for post-mortem of the deceased and it was revealed that he died due to internal injuries.

Informed Consent

During the first meeting the family of the deceased was informed on the purpose of the assessment and the limits of confidentiality .They were also informed that the assessment report will include personal information and post-mortem recommendations.

They were encouraged to ask questions regarding the assessment and release of information process prior to signing any consent forms.