June 3, 2020


I was in my house when I heard people outside my house shouting.  When I went out to find out what it was, they attacked me with pangas and clubs.  They cut me on the head and hands.  They also beat me on the chest with heavy metals.  I lost consciousness and I finally regained it after three days when I woke up and found myself at Busia District Hospital.


My family used to have a comfortable life.  Although I could not provide everything, there was no single day that they lacked their basic needs.  Even paying my children’s school fees was not a problem.  I could do everything on my own since I was okay health-wise.

I was respected in my community due to my hard work.  I was proud that my family could count on me for their provisions.  They believed in my ability to provide for them.

Such an incident has never occurred in my life.  I have not witnessed it around me, and neither has my relations gone through such a horrific experience.

Personally, I was not aware and neither was I prepared for such an event.


My left hand cannot function now.  It swells and pains a lot, especially on the days that I have not taken the painkillers.  I cannot lift anything heavy.  I also cannot involve myself in tedious work since it causes a lot of headaches and dizziness.  This has really incapacitated me to the point that I have become fully dependent on my wives, whom one is pregnant and the other has frequent shots of high blood pressure.

My children, today, are frequently sent home for school fees.  This has really lowered my self-esteem.  My social status in my community has also been lowered.

Today, my family and I live in fear.  Fear that the incident might repeat itself; especially since the perpetrators are known and live within us (the neighborhood).  Fear that my children’s education will be stopped at some point due to lack of finances.  Fear that my family will continue drowning in poverty.  All we can do is to hope that the government beefs up security, and that I can get better treatment, so that I can be able to provide for my family once again.

I also hope that our community can be trained on the awareness and preparedness of such events, such that, should it repeat itself, we will handle it better than now.


His family composes of nine people; him, two wives and six children (all of whom are minors).  After the attack, his family members strain to make ends meet.  They also encourage him and keep him occupied so he does not drown in thoughts.  His family lives from hand to mouth.


The client was offered medication, counseling, and psychotherapy from the center. This was done by a doctor, counselor and psychiatric hired by the organization. The counselor had 3 sessions with the client and he is still on medication. The client was referred by our organization to Bungoma District Hospital where he is receiving physiotherapy sessions.


During the first meeting, the client was informed of the purpose of the assessments and the limits of confidentiality.  The client was also informed that this assessment report will include personal information, the examiner’s clinical impression and treatment recommendations.

The client was encouraged to ask questions regarding the assessment and release of information process prior to signing any consent forms.