Mrs.W****** N******* W******

Mrs.W****** N******* W******
June 3, 2020


Mrs.W****** N******* W****** is a primary victim of torture and a resident of Kikwechi Village of Bungoma County. She is 38 years old living with her family of 7 people .She narrated to us how she underwent torture in the hands of gangsters.

I was in my house sleeping at around 12.00pm at night when I heard people shouting outside. I left my husband on the bed as I went out to find out what it was. They attacked me with pangas, rungus and clubs (Later I learnt that it was a militia group led a very well known politician). They cut me on the head and my right hand. I felt unconscious only to wake up the following day in Bungoma District Hospital where my right arm was amputated and later on I was referred to Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital in Eldoret (MTRH).


My family used to have a comfortable life though I could not provide everything .They did not lack their basic needs; even paying their fees was not a problem. I could do everything on my own since I was in good health.


My right hand cannot function now .It pains a lot .I cannot involve myself in tedious work since it causes a lot of headaches and dizziness. This has really incapacitated me to the point that I have fully depended on my husband who has two wives.

Today my family lives in fear .Fear that the incident might repeat itself, especially since the perpetrators are known and live within us. Fear that my family will continue drowning in poverty. All we pray that the government provides adequate security, and that I get better treatment so that I can be able to provide for my family once again.


Her family composes of 9 people; her, the husband and seven children all whom are minors. After the attack my family strain a lot to make ends meet since all that we get is from hand to mouth.


The client was offered with medication, counseling sessions, Psychotherapy, legal support, social support and follow-ups from the center. This was done by a doctor, counselor and psychiatric hired by the organization.

We also assisted in paying her hospital bills at MTRH and further facilitated her to record her statements with the police.


During the first encounter with the client, she was informed on the purpose of the assessment and the limits of confidentiality. The client was also informed that the assessment report will include personal information, the examiners clinical impression and treatment recommendations.The client was encouraged to ask questions regarding the assessment and release of information process prior to signing the consent forms which she granted.